Sunday, 15 January 2012

SOTA activation Pendle Hill G/SP-005

I activated Pendle Hill today for Summits On The Air. I built a special rig, based on the Rockmite 30 by Dave Benson, K1SWL, in order to take part in Kjell, LA1KHA's PP3 challenge. The challenge is a fun competiton open to all SOTA activators. The aim is to make as many contacts as possible for a single PP3 battery.

I had high hopes that today would get lots of stations in the log, but this was not to be. The 10MHz band seemed very busy today, my QRPp signal was obviously getting lost among higher powered stations. I stayed at the summit for quite a while in very cold conditions, but only five stations made it into the log today.

I hope to start work on another RockMite type rig in the next few days, this time it will be modified to run on 17 meters. I purchased the parts that my junk box couldn't supply yesterday, so I'm all ready to go.

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  1. Colin, I simply love the case construction method. Simple Ali clam shell case (Maplin or similar?) but you added the long bolts and washers at rear and the tabs of velcro at the front top edge so the top can be opened up.

    So simple but so practical. Excellent!