Thursday, 26 January 2012

17m RockMite complete!

Yesterday I finished building my RockMite for 17m.

The circuit was finished on Monday evening, passing it's 'smoke test' with flying colours, RF power was measured at 115mW from the 9V battery.

 I finished putting the circuit into it's case and testing yesterday, with the reverse supply protection diode in circuit, I'm now measuring around 100mW. I removed the trimmer capacitor and inductor as I am still trying to get the RX/TX shift to work correctly. I will probably put the VXO circuit back in at a later date.

I am quite pleased with my project, there a few issues to solve at the moment, but the rig is up and running, and I think it is ready for a QSO. The output is very clean indeed, the second and third harmonics are very low. My rig is not the neatest looking thing, but it compares well to the 'commercial' RockMite I built last month.


  1. You're being modest about your Manhattan-style RockMite Colin. It looks really great. Classic amateur radio home-brew - love it!


  2. That is the best Manhatten style build I have EVER seen Colin. Excellent work. BTW, I hope you can fix your xtal pulling issue mentioned on the GQRP list. Maybe try changing the base-emitter and emitter to ground caps? Can't remember which way would help but try going up a couple of values and, if that doesn't work, down a couple of values.

    73s Roger G3XBM