Monday, 20 February 2012

RockMite 17 fixed :-)

After trying various different things I have finally tamed my RockMite 17m. I ended up changing the values of the feedback capacitors on the oscillator, I also had to tweak the PA for more gain, as, with the different value capacitors in the oscillator, it was providing less drive. I was thrilled today to finally get my rig working, it seems to have taken a long time! The power output was measured at 108mW at 18.086 MHz using a fresh PP3 battery. I have now fitted the case and I look forward to having some QSO's! :-)

As is usually the case, you finish one project and then you start looking for another, or in my case you move onto the next on the list! My next project will be involve me being a Beta builder for Rex, W1REX, from QRPme. Rex has an exciting new rig coming out and I'm pleased that I have been allowed to try one out before it is on sale from Rex's website.

Sudden Storm Version 4
Some other projects on the list include some Sudden Storm receivers from QRPme. One is the 'Red' version (Ver 4), the red colour was the result of an error in ordering the PCB's, so only one small batch was made. The other Sudden Storm is the newest version (Ver 5), which is the same electrically as the red version, but the layout has been improved slightly, and the colour is back to the normal blue.

It's getting Stormy at M0CGH!
So, plenty of projects to keep me busy in the coming weeks. My QRPp PP3 30m rig continues to perform well, I am now standing at 61 QSO's into 14 DXCCs.

73 de Colin

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